I worked with Michael for about 8 months at Interface Polymer, a young Polymer start up based in the UK, from October 2018 till June 2019. Michael brought a lot of expertise in technology management and mentoring our new

and somewhat inexperienced CSO. Michael was also instrumental in leading an exploratory program on Reactive extrusion.

Finally I could regularly count on Michael as my sounding board and technology adviser.

In addition to his professionalism, Michael is a very pleasant person to work with.

D.Fournier Interface Polymer Chairman and CEO

Dyteqta utilized Michael Elwell’s services on a 3 month advisory basis for his expert input. During the 3 months he visited our offices twice a month and gave us the benefit of his expertise. He analysed our technical staff to make sure the way we were progressing was correct. He offered useful pointers, guidance and clarity. An example would be his invaluable guidance in developing our project Gantt chart. Our team spent the better part of a day focused around the board room table, setting a Gantt plan in writing with exacting standards. The Gantt was incredibly accurate; we finished one day off schedule across 90 days! We’re very grateful for his input and support.


I’ve known Mike since we studied for our PhDs together.  He’s a great polymer scientist, and has held a number of senior roles in major players in the chemical industry.

We had the opportunity to work together again when Mike joined AkzoNobel: he was in charge of Corporate Technology and I was handling Research for Performance Coatings.  Mike energised the cross-business Resin Expert Group, transforming it from a talking shop into a group working collaboratively on a small number of projects of maximum relevance to the business.  He also ensured the Corporate Research function was responsive and engaged in solving business problems.

More recently, Mike and I have crossed paths again outside of AkzoNobel, looking at the advanced materials sector.  Mike always has useful insights, methods for structured problem solving, and a wide range of industrial contacts to help bring relevant expertise to the table.


I have interacted with Michael as colleague, internal customer and client to my own business. He is extremely people centric and intuitive and creative when understanding and subsequently delivering solutions to the human capital element of any change project. He not only invests proactive development for his own people but positively embraces people engagement and culture change and was selected when we worked together to one of only a few champions for a global role out of a significant culture change project. When working with Michael you clearly get enthusiasm, delivery focus and strategic technical excellence but you also get an individual who really cares about all stakeholders in a project.

I also supported Michael in a development project for his own R&D team where through a range of interventions from 121 coaching and team based MBTI awareness we were able to increase self and team awareness and also build on engagement levels. Throughout this project Michael was a brilliant and supportive sponsor, fully engaged in the successful delivery. www,davieshr.com

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