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MELWELL Technology and Innovation Consulting E.I. is a consulting and service company engaged in delivering: chemical sciences and technology expertise; new product and process development support services, and innovation management services to the chemicals and materials industry, and its downstream industry sectors.

Dyteqta utilized Michael Elwell’s services on a 3 month advisory basis for his expert input. During the 3 months he visited our offices twice a month and gave us the benefit of his expertise. He analysed our technical staff to make sure the way we were progressing was correct. He offered useful pointers, guidance and clarity. An example would be his invaluable guidance in developing our project Gantt chart. Our team spent the better part of a day focused around the board room table, setting a Gantt plan in writing with exacting standards. The Gantt was incredibly accurate; we finished one day off schedule across 90 days! We’re very grateful for his input and support.