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MELWELL Technology and Innovation Consulting E.I. is a consulting and service company engaged in delivering: chemical sciences and technology expertise; new product and process development support services, and innovation management services to the chemicals and materials industry, and its downstream industry sectors.

I have interacted with Michael as colleague, internal customer and client to my own business. He is extremely people centric and intuitive and creative when understanding and subsequently delivering solutions to the human capital element of any change project. He not only invests proactive development for his own people but positively embraces people engagement and culture change and was selected when we worked together to one of only a few champions for a global role out of a significant culture change project. When working with Michael you clearly get enthusiasm, delivery focus and strategic technical excellence but you also get an individual who really cares about all stakeholders in a project.

I also supported Michael in a development project for his own R&D team where through a range of interventions from 121 coaching and team based MBTI awareness we were able to increase self and team awareness and also build on engagement levels. Throughout this project Michael was a brilliant and supportive sponsor, fully engaged in the successful delivery. www,

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