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MELWELL Technology and Innovation Consulting E.I. is a consulting and service company engaged in delivering: chemical sciences and technology expertise; new product and process development support services, and innovation management services to the chemicals and materials industry, and its downstream industry sectors.

I’ve known Mike since we studied for our PhDs together.  He’s a great polymer scientist, and has held a number of senior roles in major players in the chemical industry.

We had the opportunity to work together again when Mike joined AkzoNobel: he was in charge of Corporate Technology and I was handling Research for Performance Coatings.  Mike energised the cross-business Resin Expert Group, transforming it from a talking shop into a group working collaboratively on a small number of projects of maximum relevance to the business.  He also ensured the Corporate Research function was responsive and engaged in solving business problems.

More recently, Mike and I have crossed paths again outside of AkzoNobel, looking at the advanced materials sector.  Mike always has useful insights, methods for structured problem solving, and a wide range of industrial contacts to help bring relevant expertise to the table.