What I do: diagnose and fix problems that people care about to deliver revenue

  • Explore, investigate, listen and learn about your project(s), issues and needs
  • Diagnose and fix those problems that need fixing
  • Focus the project team on delivering the critical results that matter with business impact

My experiences:

  • A seasoned and accomplished Senior Chemicals Technology and Innovation Executive with 25 years of international business experience.
  • A strong and demonstrated track record of commercializing innovative product and process developments.

Industry Domains and Product Development Experiences:

  • Furniture, Bedding and Flooring
  • Appliance & Construction Materials
  • Medical & Food Processing
  • Household & Industrial Cleaning
  • Electronics, Flexible Printing, Lighting & Displays
  • Automotive and RP&RM
  • Corrosion and Protection
  • Sport-Fashion & Textiles
  • Decorative & Protective coatings
  • Civil Infrastructure and Utilities

Satisfied Customers:

  • Johnson Controls, Renault-Nissan, Recticel, Woodbridge, TEMPUR, Foamex, Leggat & Platt, British Vita-Caligen AkzoNobel, Sika, Diversey-Lever, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Proctor & Gamble, Cognis-BASF, Castrol, Nike, Adidas, Cambridge Displays/Plastic Logic, SAMSUNG, Philips, Materialise, Creaxia, Denso, BMW, CMET, Hexcel and Airbus.

Examples of problems we have solved together:

  • Toughness, Scratch & Mar in wood coatings for floors and furniture
  • Non-VOC wood stains/finishes for marine coatings
  • Purification process technology for thermally sensitive resins
  • Low odour foam control agents for household and industrial cleaning
  • High efficacy anti-foams for industrial processing, food/drugs and cleaning
  • De-bottlenecking, throughput and yield improvement in chemical production plants
  • Non-sagging, low odour VE foams for pillows and bedding
  • Large area additive fabrication for technical/auto part production
  • Barrier coatings for low energy OLED lighting with lifetime > 5 years
  • Pipe-jointing, adhesion and pipe-fittings